MVSim: a lightweight MultiVehicle Simulator

Lightweight, realistic dynamical simulator for 2D (“2.5D”) vehicles and robots. It is tailored to analysis of vehicle dynamics, wheel-ground contact forces, and accurate simulation of typical robot sensors.

This project includes C++ and Python libraries, the standalone CLI application mvsim, and ROS 1 and ROS 2 nodes, and it is licensed under the permissive 3-clause BSD License.

If you use MVSim in your work, feel free of citing the MVSim SoftwareX paper (or the ArXiV preprint):

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How to install or build from sources

First steps

Launch your first simulations and play around…

World XML format specifications

All the details about how to design simulated worlds and robots

MVSIM Simulating Jackal Robot in ROS2

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GitHub repository

Link to the main Git repository