From ROS1 or ROS2 repositories

This is preferred for users to quickly and easily install MVSIM and all the example files.

Once you have activated your ROS environment (setup.bash), just run:

sudo apt install ros-$ROS_DISTRO-mvsim

See next steps on how to launch demo files.


You can also build MVSIM ROS nodes from sources, by cloning into a catkin or colcon workspace and build as usual (catkin build or colcon build).

Build from sources


  • A decent C++17 compiler.
  • CMake >= 3.9
  • MRPT (>=2.0.0): In Windows, build from sources or install precompiled binaries.
  • Box2D (>=2.4): It will use an embedded copy (git submodule) if no (or too old) system version is found.

In Ubuntu, this will install all requirements:

sudo apt install \
  build-essential cmake g++ \
  libbox2d-dev \
  libmrpt-opengl-dev libmrpt-obs-dev libmrpt-maps-dev libmrpt-tclap-dev \
  libmrpt-gui-dev libmrpt-tfest-dev \
  protobuf-compiler \
  libzmq3-dev \
  pybind11-dev \
  libprotobuf-dev \

Compile as usual:

mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..
#make test